I love photographing and editing, particularly people or animals mid-movement, and moments that capture the feeling of a memory or conjure inspiration for a story. When taking photos and while editing, I go by intuition: if it’s capturing a spontaneous moment, or suggesting poses for subjects, I go by a sense of how a photo ‘flows’ in colour and composition, and the feeling it evokes.

I’ve been a photographer at two fantasy ball events: The Hunter’s Moon Ballย andย The Night Court Ballย hosted by Gauntlets & Gowns Events. For both, I photographed hundreds of individuals and groups in a setup with lights, helping those who asked for direction to find poses they were comfortable with, and letting those who already had poses in mind just go ahead and do their thing. It’s wonderful to see the smiles when people relax in front of the camera and simply shine!

You can see more of my photography on my Instagram page.