Cinnamon Sugar and Falling Leaves – Happy Autumn!

Colour photo of me wearing a witch hat, facing away from the camera, holding an orange pumpkin in my right hand and a mug in my left.
Colour photo of me wearing a witch hat, facing away from the camera, holding an orange pumpkin in my right hand and a mug in my left.

Hello, Enchanted Folk. It’s been a while since I shared a post, but the muse always seems to recharge with a flurry of energy at the September equinox. So, I’ve dusted off my typewriter, and returned to the blogging realm.

Autumn has swept us in its auburn-leaved branches, and I’m thrilled about it. I’ve awoken my knitted jumpers from their storage boxes, begun drinking vanilla chicory tea, and sprinkling cinnamon over anything it might go with (is scrambled eggs too far? I’m justifying it with the existence of eggnog).

I always feel a surge of inspiration and creativity when the spooky season arrives. If you’re a fellow bookworm, writer or artist, you might find the same. While the plants shrivel and dry, we come to life; seeing beauty in the colour gradients, hearing comfort in the moody rain, and sensing possibility in the whispering breezes. I felt it on Friday with the turn of the equinox, as the sky greyed and I tugged on a cardigan, making cinnamon toast for breakfast. The Bookstagram community has already embraced it with even more enthusiasm than last year, my feed now full of browning trees and book stacks and witchy photos. We’re stepping into our season, and it isn’t even October yet! The magic is just beginning.

Me in a field, wearing a black hat - arms out to the sides

Odd how the creative power at once brings the whole universe to order

– Virginia Woolf

In a life where time seems to pour through the hourglass faster by the week no matter how much we savour the moments, I’m finding this slow unfurling of autumn both exciting and soothing.

We have time; the month awaits us with creativity and cosiness in store.

I’ve been writing more this week than I have in a long time, in a flow with my latest scenes, and it is bringing me indescribable joy.

I’ve made an Autumn playlist – see some of my favourite picks at the bottom of the post!

A cosy orange-toned photo of a bowl of pumpkin soup, a bottle of mulled wine and a Beatrix Potter cookery book, arranged on a white lace cloth on a brown table

To me, the end of September and the first half of October bring the introduction of cinnamon coffee and cosy books, lighting candles and curling up with a comfort read. Then, as October progresses, I begin to feel the spooky vibes increasingly in the lead-up to Halloween, witchy outfits and bubbling soups greeting Samhain by the moonlight. Both feel familiar and comforting to me, and many of my favourite stories feature them in balance – like the tone of a fairytale, both the well-known story read to children before bed, and the ‘Grimm’ parable filled with unknowns from a murky past.

It’s a combination I’m trying to capture in my posts this month too. I’ve been editing them over the past few weeks, photos from various shoots over time that I have collated, hoping to eventually assimilate them all into organisation. Finally, I’ve almost reached that point, and I’m excited to share them with you!

Stay cosy and spooky, enchanted folk.

Happy Autumn! 🍁

Black and white edit of me in a witch hat, facing away from the camera, holding a pumpkin in my right hand and a mug in my left

My playlist picks:

What have you been listening to recently? Are you feeling the Autumnal atmosphere too?

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  1. Autumn temps always cause me to fire up Pandora and click on the Enya channel. In addition to her ethereal music there are many great instrumental tunes that feel quintessentially Autumn

    1. Ah yes, Enya’s music has such an atmosphere! I definitely associate Autumn with gentle guitar music and instrumentals, anything that feels like cosy background music. Thank you for stopping by Carl!

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