Step into the cosy study and find the perfect desk to write at…

Here’s all you need to know about this corner:

Lescrivenell emblem

The Choosing Unicorn has brought you to Lescrivenell!
(pronounced luh-SCRIH-vuh-nelle)

Your Corner emblem is a quill and parchment, your theme colour is vanilla brown, and your motto is: Writing all I feel and think, to steep my soul in words of ink.

Lescrivenells can usually be found squirreled away at their writing desks – and if not, they’re probably taking story inspiration from the world around them, or visualising how a scene will play out in their book.

Aside from writing, they enjoy observing people’s characteristics, reviewing what they love about a book or movie, and (most importantly) aiming to capture every idea they think of as they go about their day. With vivid imaginations and a love of creating, they are inclined to be determined in their plans, focus on introspection, and may be artists too! Frequently overworked by taking too much on, Lescrivenells seek refuge in analysing and creating when stressed. They can enjoy socialising – so long as they feel that their thoughts are heard and respected.

Within the Society, Lescrivenells will find themselves most interested in watching poetry livestreams, sharing their work, and events involving fellow writers so they can share ideas and feedback. Like Elirenores, they enjoy engaging their imaginations and spending time in stories; like Sereniglens, they gain a lot from the atmosphere of a place; and like Crealidorns, they are fascinated by history and philosophy (so long as they don’t get too deep into it, otherwise they’ll end up sidetracked with research instead of writing…)

[Note: This does not restrict you to only events designed for Lescrivenell. You may find that you fit into multiple – or even all 4 – Corners. This is just a guide so you can get the most out of the society, such as personalised livestreams and more specified content, so you don’t have to keep up with everything all the time :)]