For Indie authors writing fiction books!

I have always been particular about grammar, so I offer a proofreading service for manuscripts that have been through the editing stages, and just need that final check.

I will look for errors related to grammar, syntax and punctuation, making suggestions via the comments feature of either Word or Google Docs (depending on which you use).

When suggesting a change, I’ll often add a ‘comment’ to explain why I’ve made that suggestion. I also like sharing fun facts I discover whilst researching the origin or usage of a word, to check its context within your book specifically.

My rate is ยฃ3 (British Pounds) per 1000 words.

The first 1000 words are free, so that you can get a sense of my working style. Then, I will ask a 50% payment before I complete proof-reading on the whole book, followed by the remaining 50%. Alternatively, I offer the option of monthly payments to be completed by a year at the most, until the total is paid.


As a bonus, having read your book, I will happily leave an honest review on Goodreads and Amazon if you’d like me to!

(Please note that I am not a ‘trained’ proof-reader, but I am a university student studying English literature, with an affinity for spelling! I like tracking down those pesky typos.)