To the Realm of Literature Corners

‘Literature’ can mean books, art, films, letters – even spoken thought – and this is the creative space where I talk about those things. I picture it as a cottage study with a fireplace, a writing desk, and piles of books. Renaissance paintings fill the walls and a Victorian ghost dances through the lights, but the room is calm and smells of old pages.

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You might like to spend time here if you love stepping into other worlds, and perhaps you will create your own…

Your Corner

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Imagine the cosiest, most inspiring room you can think of… that’s what it looks like. Whenever you create, read, write, or ponder, you are there in your mind.


The Enchanted Society of Literature Corners

If you’d like to join a secret society of readers, writers, dreamers and thinkers, see: The Enchanted Society.


I hope that perusing this world of literature corners brings you a calm moment of inspiration and magic.


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