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Hello! Katie here. You might know me from @katiesliteraturecorner on Instagram. But I’ll start by introducing myself: I’m from the UK, and currently taking a gap year before I go to study English at university. I love reading, watching films, creating art, editing videos, photography, baking and writing. A dream of mine is to incorporate some of these hobbies into my future career, as I hope to write a book one day and do art commissions. In the meantime, I’ll be posting thoughts, photos and reviews on here – as well as hopefully getting to know lots of you! I look forward to discussing books, films and favourite things with you all. Here’s a bit more about me…

I enjoy finding similarities in things – different pieces of music, films I’ve seen, and people I’ve met. I also like observing nature, painting outside, and spending time with friends and family. I’m fascinated by how colours interact, and I especially love the trio of sage green, chocolate brown and warm beige. One of my favourite scents is the combination of vanilla and woodsmoke. Liquorice is my preferred flavour of tea, and I drink my coffee lukewarm (most people think that sounds gross, but I find it has more flavour that way!), and my favourite dessert is cheesecake. (Though a close second at the moment is the triple chocolate shortbread we often get from the local shop!)

As this blog is mostly about reading – though I will be talking about art, film, and other things too – I’ll tell you about what I like to read. Despite being a relatively slow reader, I love how books are able to transport us to a world that exists in our own imagination! I enjoy various genres, but most of all fantasy, period romance, and historical fiction (especially wartime, Tudor and Victorian eras). But I will happily read all sorts of books, especially if they are well-written, have believable characters I connect with, and a good story. I particularly like books with authentic dialogue (especially if steeped in humour), detailed descriptions, and (as a bonus, if there is any) non-cringe-worthy romance.

Evidently, I often struggle to keep my writing concise when necessary, so apologies in advance for long, convoluted sentences. ‘Purple prose’, I think it’s called? As you can tell, I’m good at rambling, so I enjoy conversations that meander, covering all sorts of topics.

Depending on my mood, I like to stay cosy indoors, reading or writing in my room or working on projects. Yet there are few things more wonderful to me than walking through the countryside, taking in the beauty and serenity of the surroundings. Speaking of which, I love collecting magical moments like this.

On holiday this summer for example, I was walking across the picturesque moors. The grass had various deep green hues, with flecks of purple and yellow from the gorse bushes, bathed in a pink light from the setting sun. I was admiring all this when a herd of wild horses came into view, silhouetted against the pale orange sky. They trotted past me in a line – hardly a metre away as I walked beside one, matching its pace.

This sort of peaceful magic, just existing in the present moment, is something I’d like to capture more of as I go through life. I feel like I’m too often in my head, thinking a lot or planning what I need to do.

So now, I’d love to hear from you guys! I’ve got to know a lot of you on Bookstagram over the last few months, and it’s been so lovely. Of course I’ll still be around on there as normal, but if you fancy reading some reviews or general musings, discussing books – or just glancing at some aesthetics and pictures – you’re welcome to drop by here and say hello!

Happy musing, everyone!

*What are your favourite hobbies and what do you like to read best? Tell me in the comments!*

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