I’m honoured that you’re intrigued to know about my writing projects!

The current one is still in the drafting stage. It’s a novel I’ve been weaving for a couple of years: a dystopian-fantasy-mystery-adventure-fairytale, exploring questions about reality and who we are. I could ramble about the details, but I’m better off passing it to someone who knows the story best: my main character, Zoe…



“Hello old friend.
It’s strange knowing we lived the same life, once.
If you’re reading this, your existence brings me great relief. I don’t have anyone else to talk to, you see.

As I sit at this desk, hearing the ‘clickety-clack’ echo through this empty mansion, I hope my words reach you. I hope I manage to tell the whole story before I crumble to dust.

Like the showman once said:

“Decades can pass in a heartbeat, and the sand in the hourglass has only a breath’s distance to fall.”

He never told me it would feel like an eternity.

I’m not sure how to begin, because there’s such a lot of story to tell. Completing it seems impossible, but if I’ve learnt anything over the last three days, it’s that the bounds of reality aren’t set.
Whatever yours may be, I feel better imagining you’re there.

After all, it’s lonely at the end of the world.”


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